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November 30, 1999

i don't know that i really like purple this much. perhaps a blue would have been less nauseating.
One year and 13 days until my sweetie turns 18! An how old am I, you ask? Be Quiet. Didn't anyone teach you that age doesn't matter?

November 2, 1999

For those who don't know, I'm running for:

Queen of the Universe

I hope I can count on your write in this Election Day.

November,8 1999

5 more days to our anniversary and one month and 5 days to my sweetie's birthday. We're the absolute most perfect couple in the world.
I finally learned image mapping, but my alt names don't work with macs. They might with PC's. Go to my links page and visit some friends. Just want to make sure everyone visits my very awesome friend Bekah's Homepage and sign her guestbook.

Um....ok, I think that's it cause I have class now. =(

November 19, 1999

Been skipping classes and stuff to work on my page. It doesn't look like I get too much done though because before I finish it, I have a new idea. Once a person I knew had eaten a lot of spicy, well-flavored chili and four hours later farted and it smelled just like the chili they had eaten earlier that day. Really, it wasn't me.

I'm so hungry, that i can feel my blood carrying away pieces of non-important organs away to Stomach. The evil lord of my body who regularly takes victims to his hunger when no sufficing sacrifice has been made by Mouth.

Grrrrr!!! It says! Very GRRRR, baby!!

November 29, 1999

THe end of November hooor-ay!! Lots of new stuff here, but my site is still missing something, hmm....what could that be......well, it'll be here soon enough -I'm already working on a new idea for it