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September 30, 2000
After I got home yesterday, I had to drive to the other side of the city to take my kitty to the Animal Emergency Room. He had some kind of cut on his leg and you could see the muscle underneath. ew. We took him in an empty paper box and a towel, and he liked it. He kept trying to jump back in when the Dr was looking at him. Especially when they took his temperature.

I fell asleep once we got there cause it was about an hour wait. We left him overnight so we could pick him up in the morning rather than waiting three hours, maybe longer, for them to cut off the tissue and maybe close the wound. He's coming home with one of those funnel things on his head- it's gonna be funnie!!

There were about 5 college kids at my house yesterday and I only knew one. We watched Hackers and ate junk. Then they slept downstairs and I had to go to my room cause I work this morning. I still overslept though, and got caught in construction. It was the construction that made me late, though.

I might try to go into the city today for my new jewelry, but I don't know if I could convince Chris to come- or his mom to let him. I couldn't get it yesterday cause the piercer was out at one place and the other had a 20 min. wait. The guys who showed me the jewelry were really cute, though. I think guys with piercings are better looking than guys with tattoos, but Chris would NEVER get either one. If he had to, it would be a tattoo. He said it would be of a devil, but I'm pretty sure he was just saying that to make me mad. So I hit his arm and reminded him that he's not even 18 yet.

I have to go- I'm not supposed to be on. I'm doing "busy-work"; typing in a bunch of useless data. This job was more fun when I actually got to interact with people, now it just sucks. But at least I get paid.

It's not too bad today, actually. He's left me at the front desk alone almost all morning, so I got to take care of all sales and admissions. And work in here just a tiny bit, shhh!!!

I can't wait to see Chris! I didn't get to see him yesterday cause I was so busy and he worked- he's like my addiction, I have to see him EVERY day. I can count the number of times we haven't seen each other in the past year on my fingers and toes. As far as the phone goes, there have only been 5 or so times where we haven't talked. In the beginning, we talked on the phone every night for 5 hours. Now, we just talk abit and say goodnight. It's so cool to have a boy/f and a best/f together in one. There's no choosing and you only have to buy one Christmas present. Of course, now I can't talk to anyone if I ever wanna discuss our relationship. There's no one I really trust enough to spill everything out to.

I'd better work before "El Jefe" gets back.


September 29, 2000
Didn't work in any labs yesterday, so I didn't get to write. I got to play with flesh-eating flies, isopods, and Madagascar Hissing Roaches, though. Bio lab was fun yesterday. I said no way to the roaches, but set up the fly experiment for my group. In a couple of weeks we disect fetal pigs. They already have all the pigs there in the lab, so it reeked of fameldehyde (can't spell).

:::::4:45pm This comp is sooo slow I have to make this short before it freezes again. Here's my next planned purchase

I'll get it today or next week, I guess. If you don't know waht it is, it's a jeweled curved barbell for body piercings.
As long as I have it done, I may as well get some jewelry every now and then. I've had it since I was 18, and got it because I was in some weird mood cause of a breakup.

NEVER do ANYTHING after breaking up with someone. Wait until you can think straight.

September 27, 2000
:::::8:00am I have to study for a quiz I have in a couple of hours. I should have studied last night. It's ALL memorization. Ick. Right after the quiz, though, I'm gonna scan those pics that I took on Monday =)

My sister saw Hansen last night. Whoop-dee-doo. I just vegged out watching That 70's Show because I absolutely love it. I even dreamed that I was Donna at 4:30 this morning. Chris watched it, too. I think once he had said he didn't like it, but that was, like, a week ago and I just don't remember some of the stuff he says.

I wanted to wear my fave jeans today, but they're so old (about 30 yrs old) that I'm afraid the butt is about to wear a big hole. The material is sooooo thin now from generations of use.

Maybe I can wear them with a long shirt....maybe on friday. My mom and this other mom planned out a sleepover for me. I'm 21 and our moms are planning sleepovers!!! I don't even KNOW one of the girls. This is just like in elementary when moms force you to play with other people's kids. It's usually when you're a loser and your mom sees that you don't play with other kids. Now I have to be all fake like I'm having a good time when I'd rather be hanging out with Chris or one of my friends. I think my mom is doing this cause all my friends (in this state) are either boys or not Christian. argh.

I had a boy sleepover once and it was fun!! I had it in my suitemate's room, though. She was going out of town for the weekend so another friend and I got some videos and invited all the guys we knew. Then, that night as we stopped by the guys' dorms to pick them up, there were some guys hanging around so we invited them too cause they seemed nice.
This was a Christian college and we had a 10pm curfew so she stood gaurd in the hallway while I rushed them from the stairwell into the hallway, then gaurded the RA'a door. Once inside, We all chilled in Ali's room. I got tired around 2am or so, so my best friend Rob and I went into my room to crash. He got Crys's couch and I got my lovely bunk. I left Bekah to watch over the guys cause she's cool and I knew she could handle them.

:::::9:00am (still procrastinating)
"Here is the result of your Web designing Purity Test.
You answered 'yes' to 73 of 130 questions, making you 43.8% Web Designing pure (56.2% Web Designing corrupt);
that is, you are 43.8% pure in the Web Designing domain (your strangeness is 56.2%). "
This is fun. The link in on my links page under, "Purity Tests."


I did it!! I scanned the pics! First, this is what I look like:
Me on Monday
Here I am with my super-warm hat:
And the first one came out funnie, I just had to add a twist:
and since I was born in Texas, I cowgirl-ized myself.

September 26, 2000
Wow, I have never been so affected by medication before. Last night, I took some night time Alkaseltzer (can't spell) because I was feeling like crap from the cold and rain. Plus, I thought it would be funnie to be sleepy and try to stay awake. Well, when I got home I was freezing! So I put on a pair of flannel pants, a striped Oxford, a fuzzy sleeper (you know, the pj's that are all one piece and when you're a kid they even have the feet attatched), and this hat that looks like something I'd wear if I was hiking in Switzerland. I took some funnie pics that I'm gonna scan tomorrow. I didn't bring them in today cause I thought I might study while at work (ha-ha). As soon as I lay my head down on the couch, I was out. I vaguely remember my dad covering me with a blanket. About two hours later, I see Chris' head pop out from over the couch, then I closed my eyes and knocked out again. Every now and then I'd remember Chris barely giving me a little kiss to wake up, but I'd go right back to sleep. At one point he tried to wake me up and began dragging me off the couch. I then became very vocal and waved my arms around trying to get the momentum to lift me off the couch. As I reached my feet I staggered about like I was drunk and then fell backwards to the couch and asleep once again. I only woke up around 10pm when Chris had to go home. Rats, missed out on quality time with the beau.

Work is busy today. Lots of questions. Can't wait to scan some funnie pics. My face looks horrible! It's all stretched out and my toungue is out and I'm wearing that silly hat. Because I came out looking so freakish, I also took a good pic so no one thinks I really look that bad.

I didn't even look like a girl.

September 25, 2000
9:00am:::::Chris and I had a fight yesterday, but it was mostly my fault. I made it up to him, though, and now we're fine.
Both exes called again yesterday. Once, when the phone rang, I had fallen asleep on the couch and went into some weird semi-conscious flight mode. As soon as it rang, I jumped off the couch, ran to the phone, but tripped on the brick fire place, bruising my thigh on the corner, banging my knee on some wooden furniture on the way down, and knocking a vase which nearly toppled over on my head. I also took the phone down with me and as I woke up fully, related the whole cartoon-like tale to A. He thought it was funnie, but I was walking funnie for awhile.

I have class soon, but I work again later. There might not be an entry later cause I have to work on a stupid mac. It can't even bring up explorer.

3:00pm:::::If anyone goes to that web page I mentioned in an earlier entry and wants to know what's up with the page and that girl, I found out, so you can e-mail me once you're dying of curiosity, like I was.

O. Chem went well today. My Spanish teacher prolly think I'm a FrootLoop. They say there's no such thing as a stupid question, but he would argue this point after meeting me. I usually ace classes in Spanish, but this is a linguistics class- in Spanish! I've never even heard of the terminology in english! Oh, well. I just have to get through this class, and then NEVER take a class like this again.

Chris got his haircut and it looks funnie. He always gets it cut the same way, but I'm used to the long version cause that's how it was when I first met him. He's got really curly hair so he hates it long. He uses a TON of gel and spray and it takes him like 20 minutes every mornign to do his hair. I hate going out with him sometimes cause he has to do his hair first. I don't even brush mine sometimes. We are absolute exact opposites. Except for our height, he's only an inch or two taller. He hates it when I wear platforms but I always do anyway.

September 23, 2000
at work

Chris is wonderful as always. Yesterday my ex called, and the day before that, another called. A. called because I called him first, though; he wasn't home, then returned my call later. It's been so long since I've seen him and I miss everything. Not that I want to date him again, but he is such a wonderful person- I'd never known anyone like that and I miss what he brought out in me. It's been months since I'd heard from him and I had to know how he was doing. He's moving very far away in three weeks. He offered to stay if I told him to, but I can't do that.

I know Chris hates it when I talk to an ex, not in an insanely jealous way, but in that it makes him uncomfortable. And I understand- I despise his exes and think they're all ho-bags. I hate it even more that one of his good friends is an ex, but what am I gonna do? I ignore the double-standards and talk to my exes anyway. In one case, my ex is so completely changed he's another person now, and there's no desire from either one of us to date again, but in A's case, he wants to get married. He doesn't pursue this feeling though cause he doesn't want to step into Chris's territory and respects our relationship.

But I don't want him to move away. I'm kinda afraid I'll never see him again.

My brother left to the Navy base in Virginia last night. My mom is sad to see him go, but happy that the house will be cleaner without him leaving dirty dishes and trash all over the house. Today should be a pretty good day. I found some Bible verses that I think will help me finally decide on a career that I'll love.

10:40am:::::I went crazy last night. I couldn't stop it. I swear, I was only going to take out the strays!! ...but after a few minutes, I stepped back, having come to my senses, and stood in shock. I threw the tweezers aside and gawked at my now permanent, quizzical look. Ahhhh! I over-plucked! Then I had to make the right 'brow match. They're so thin they look like my mom's! I swear most of each brow is only, like, 5 hairs tall!! I'll have to get a pick, it'll be funnie.

I had a dream the other night that I was running this little miss pageant and I was watching the little girls practice the dance. Then at some point I asked one if she knew who Jesus Christ was. She said no. Frantically, I went from girl to girl, and no one had ever heard of Jesus. Crying, I ran the girls out and eventually we made it to this church where I lined them up and they sang this hymn. The pastor looked at me and nodded.
It reminded me of another dream I had about a week before it. I hardly remember it, but I was leading people to this place in the woods and when we got there, the lake was burning people in it. I ran to the middle and kneeled and prayed. Then everyone followed. Then the burning lake turned into a gorgeous one with mountains and everything all around it and we all made a circle and sang. Then, I was in this room teaching all these little kids about God, because they had never heard of him.
A little later I was in this bathroom and my friend was in the stall next to me and we were talking and stuff. This part I can't understand. I haven't even seen Bekah in at least a year.

September 22, 2000
I just lost the entry I wrote, I hate macs!!!

I'll re-sum everything I lost. School's going well, yet my downfall may prove to be Political Science. My new nemesis is Prof Rowe....
Queasy from breakfast- note: the lactase-challenged should not partke in milk.
tried to write yesterday but I couldn't log on, at first I thought Gurl Pages was mad at me from the criticism.
Intrigued by a site I found this week. Go there and read through her journal to see what you think. I haven't read every entry yet, but the last one she wrote was enough to get me curious about the rest of her site
I'll prolly be back later today to write more. I still have Organic Chem and one more lab to work in.

11:16am I wanna say thanks to Emily for this page on her site. I need to show it to Chirs. It's good to train your men early in the 'ship. Of Course, Chris is practically perfect already

September 20, 2000
The first day of school. Yesterday, I went on a spending spree like I usually do when I've convinced myself I'm not nervous but subconciously I'm terrified.
I bought a new pair of shoes. Of course, I could rationalize this one. The last time I got a pair of tennis shoes was over a year ago and they were used already by my sister in basic training. My mom won't give me more than $15 for shoes, so I got these for only $35. They used to be $65, but that's the miracle of outlet shopping.

The I bought something really stupid. A quilt. I won't say how much it cost, though. Yes, here I am making and giving out quilts left and right, then I go and buy one.

Last night I got to sleep in a semi-clean room, with just-washed pillows and a new quilt. I showered last night to make this morning less harsh on my system. I woke up just fine knowing I wouldn't have to strip and jump into a cold shower. Then as I was making breakfast, though, my mom got mad at me cause there were, like, 7 dirty dishes in the sink from the day before. Then she chewed me out for purposely trying to turn the house into a pig sty. The house is still REALLY clean from the wedding cookout we had on Sunday, but she turns totally possesive the three times a year we clean it; so even the bag of paper plates my sister left upstairs last night got my mom really mad.
After asking very politely to please not ruin my first day of school, numerous times, I lost it and threw my califlower on the ground and screamed at her. Then she ran after me and shook me as she yelled at me. So I ran to my room crying. Yup, another bad first-day-of-school experience. So pretty much, I'm really pessimistic right now about all my classes. And within a few hours went from thinking I would ace them all this quarter to not really caring if I fail them all. I'm only here to get a degree cause I'm not allowed to live my life as I want until I have one for her, anyway.

School Sucks.

Plus, I remembered this morning why I don't shower at night. My hair was this HUGE curly mass this morning. I looked stoopid. Then, I made the mistake of trying to comb it. Where before I looked like a jungle girl, afterward I looked homeless. Now I have to wear a pony tail.

Woe is me. =(

Let's see, what else...I think that's about it. I'm trying to get Chris more comfortable with praying cause he mentioned something about not really knowing how. Of course, there's really no way, it's just talking. So we're working on that.

September 14, 2000
I've spent all day trying to figure out my schedule and whether or not I want to go to Logan. I just don't know...I am, however, getting ancy about wanting to graduate soon. And at the same time, I don't want to be thrust out into the "Big People World" yet.

I don't know whether to take my relationship seriously, or just see it as a dating thing. I don't like doing anything w/o going the whole nine yards (no, i don't mean sex!!). Oh well. I shouldn't think about any of this, just go along with whatever's happening and have fun.

P.S. Dave, if you're out there, you should be lucky that I took these hours for you at such short notice AND during my only week of vacation since Christmas!! Did you know I had to learn how to set up the projector on the PC and Mac side? And that whoever did the break cleaning SUCKED? The computers were HORRIBLE, I can't believe the mice cords got THAT dirty in the past week or so. In retaliation, and because I'm just plain tired, I'm only vaccuming today. Unless you bring me a present back from Chicago, you can clean those ten computers yourself.

= Cleaning Sucks!!

September 13, 2000
It's Wednesday the 13th, ahhhh!!!

I actually excercised today. At first it wasn't by choice. I walked from downtown up to campus, which took about 45 minutes. I usually take a bus, but right as the stop came into view, the bus passed me by!! I ran for a few seconds to see if I could catch it, but it was gone. I didn't want to look stupid, so I continued walking down the sidewalk. Like I was planning on walking the way. After a minute or so, I figured I would walk the rest of the way since I had an hour before work and it would probably be good for my body.

And except for all the bus fumes and car exhaust that I ended up inhaling, it was a nice walk.
Now my feet hurt from the sandals I was wearing.

I baked two pies last night, but it was kind of cheating. I only had to open the boxes and then leave them in the oven for an hour. Chris thinks that's cooking. He was impressed by my opening cake mix, mixing in three ingredients and having a cake 30 minutes later, too.
Here's one of my fave Lazy-Girl Recipes:
Make two boxes Mac& Cheese.
Open 1 can peas, 1 can Campbell's Cream of Mushroom, 2 cans tuna.
Drain tuna and peas.
Mix EVERYTHING in bowl.
You can add shredded cheese to the top and melt it all in the microwave, if you have the time (about 5 minutes)
You have now made Tuna Cassarole.

September 12, 2000
At 7:30pm last night. my dad gets a phone call; he then rushes out of the house to church and hurries my mom out of Bible Study. Back at home, we are informed that my brother will be getting married in one hour- some notice.

So I call Chris and tell him to hurry up. Within 5 minutes we are all at the house and ready to go. Crammed into the Infiniti, the remaining members of my family and Chris are on their way to Sugar Grove, population- 500. There is ONE store in the entire town. Here, my brother is waiting in his sailor uniform outside. The only other business here is the bar across the street. It's 8:30pm, all townspeople are now in bed. We waited for half an hour for the mayor to get out of a meeting with his 6 council men. My dad then interupts the meeting to announce that we are waiting.

My brother is pacing outside the store and his wife-to-be is barefoot walking up the street wondering where her mother is. Two of her friends are at her side giggling.

We then drive three blocks up the road to the Mayor's house. He is also the Justice of the Peace. On his front porch we acquaint ourselves and make small, nervous conversation. My mother is just kind of dazed.

Eventually, my brother, two girls, the bride, and her mother walk down the street to the porch.

It is so dark outside that the only people we really see are my brother and his bride- both dressed in white.

Inside the 1870's house, we all gather in his living room and it begins. 5 minutes later we form a line and hug them, then walk out. On the sidewalk my mother and her mother introduce themselves, meeting for the first time.

We agree to meet this weekend before they both leave for the Navy and go out to eat. My brother hugs his wife, and says good-bye to us as we pile back into the Infiniti and head back home. At 9:30pm it is all over.

Chris remarked on the irony of the situation. He's never seen a wedding before, and tonight he saw one. He's never experienced a divorce before and, in a week, his parents will get one.

I was also diagnosed yesterday as having Post Traumatic Stress Syndorme.

September 11, 2000
Now that I've awaken from my coma...

Yes, I know it's been forever. But I have excuses!!
1. No more internet access at work
2. Whenever I try to connect at home, I can never do it!!
3. For the next week or so I have the rare privlidge(wow, i forgot all my spelling skills) of sleeping in. The last time I slept in was May 20, 2000.
4. I'm lazy. We've known each other awhile, you deserve the truth now.
5. Ok....I admit it, I've been quilting...

I went bowling at midnight last Saturday with Chris and his mom and I'm so sore...That's because when I bowl, I do this weird thing where I swing the ball so far back it goes over my head. My average speed is 15mph. Chris only bowls 12mph. Once, while hitching it back it slid off my fingers and into the seating area. Everyone in the alley laughed, it was funnie. I came in last every single game, except one where I was second to last. My name on the screen was Butt Monkee. I sure did bowl like one.

Speaking of Butt Monkees,
My brother is getting married. He's been back since Thursday and is getting married this morning as soon as the Judge is in. I wouldn't want a courthouse marriage. I don't think you need some piece of paper to be married. For thousands of years people have been getting married and the US has only been around for a little over 200 years. So, other than tax reductions, a marriage license does't mean much to me. If God wants two people to be together, I don't think He has to go through the United States Courthouses, as official as the system may think it is.

Gurlpages is still sending me automated messages about their ads. One of them said, "the offending site has been removed from the server!" but the address I sent in was my own. I think I'll try e-mailing that Karl guy next.

September 5, 2000
It was freeeeeeeeezing this morning, brrrrrr!

I'm hungry and it's barely 10 am. That's cause I had breakfast 4 hours ago. Someone in this lab is stinky =(
Bad smells make me feel my hunger more. I guess because you get nauseous or something and really feel it on an empty stomach.

Today's List:
1. Work
2. Return Work Key
3. Check on Card Payment
4. Sell Human Phys book for mula
5. Get New Work Hours
6. Shop for Books
7. Schedule Dr's Appt.
8. Hike to Treasurer's Office to find out why I'm being over-charged this quarter.
9. Give Roxy Elisa's Address

This is so not funnie, all this B.O. is gonna make me puke. The guy I work with agrees. It's autumn break!! Classes don't start til the end of the month, so why are all of these people here?!

September 4, 2000
I'm working here labor day, too. It's kinda slow, so I managed a few minutes to write.

I went to Chris' grandparents house even though I strongly objected. Other people's familes make me feel weird and like I'm taking a test. He went out to eat with my family last week, so I went to the cookout for him yesterday. They were actually really nice.

After I checked my e-mail today, one of my co-workers from the other job e-mailed me after finding about what happened Friday. (read Friday's entry) He congratulated me on standing up and he said he knew I was a nice person no matter what that guy said =) That makes me feel better.
I'm one of the only ones who runs into problems at work, I wonder if they think it's just me? Nah.

Gotta go, boss is off the phone.

September 1, 2000
Working on a quilt for Chris' mom today. I'm up to hand quilting the top.

I saw someone putting their own paper in the printer to print a resume and I told them we were only allowed to use the paper provided. He said he wanted to do it on his own paper and began printing. I told him many times he was not allowed to and he said it was ridiculous. I called the office (*** *****) because he wanted permission to print his document. I said I couldn't do it, but maybe he could talk to the office. He refused saying he didn't have much time and would do it there because he had paid for the services. He said OTHER SITE ASSISTANTS had let him do it. He had printed right in front of them and they DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING. After a long time of arguing, *** told me to ask him to leave, but he refused. I went to the printer and pulled out the tray to remove his paper, he came up behind me and slammed it shut. I told him again he couldn't print from his own paper but he could use the paper we had. He refused and tried to get around me (I was standing in front of the printer to prevent him from putting more paper in). After he managed to push past me, I told Paul (who was still on the phone) to call the police. He got really mad then and he and his friend yelled at me for being a "hard ass". Someone jumped up and ran to get Union security around this time. He eventually got so upset he left, calling me a moron, so I said he was an asshole. He looked really suprised, but then left w/o saying anything else. Security got there but the two had already left. When the police got here, I told him what happened, and he said to call them if he ever shows up again and they could arrest him. I then made signs that say "Only Site Assistants are allowed to open Paper Trays!!" and posted them on the printers.

My official report of what happened. I was shaking for like 30 minutes afterwards.