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August 2, 1999

The Blair Woods Project was sold out, so I saw Drop Dead Gorgeous instead which was funnie, funnie, funnie. What's the point in watching a movie that isn't funnie? Last Thurday I saw Muppets from Outer Space which I hope to see again.

August 3, 1999

Over the hill at 20. Last night, for the first time, I sounded like a genuine geezer.
"Why, in my day, we didn't have those fancy-smancy proms!"
"Noone had time or money to take those kinds of Spinrg Break trips, why we had to stay and watch the cows!"
"Who would watch a show with 7 strangers acting like morons just because they're living together?"
She's All That may be a representative of high school life, but I'm afraid I wouldn't know what that is anymore.
I got my first birthday present not from a family member last night. A package of bindis to wear. I've decided that it will be my new look. That, and I'm resurrecting last year's glitter phase just because.