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July 29, 1999

Yesterday, as the early morning fog began to rise, unwrapping a new day, I sat on a bench with my history book open. Hours were spent the night before and this morning memorizing stupid little facts about the expansion of roman culture borders throughtout Western Civilization and I was fairly confident that I would do well on the final in about an hour or so.

Bored with studying I rumage through my bag for something else to pass the time. I take out my little notebook of jotted phone numbers and quick assignments. I flip through it and like those bad dreams where you find yourself in the middle of the snow on a dark night having missed the last bus home, I read my own handwriting which is now cursing me.
Western Civ FINAL
July 26, 1999.

I take out my cell phone and call my mom's office, and she confirms that this day is the 28th. I wasn't mad or scared really. It was still like those nightmares and I was waiting to wake up any second now. So i sit back down on the bench and wait to wake up on exam day. I sat for about an hour. I have missed my Final Exam. It was 1/3 of my grade.