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July 31, 2000
Last enrty for July, yippee. My sister must have read my entries because she gave me:
1.Shotglasses (plural)
2.501 Spanish Verbs!!
3. A Cow

She Rocks.
My other sister got me a Scoooby Doo blanket that's on my bed right now
On a sad note, when i tried to dye my hair DARK BROWN, it came out BLACK!
Someone will die for this mistake.....

July 28, 2000
Whooo.....So sleepy. Medicated....Allergies are icky. Woke up with everything hurting. Took yellow and green pills. MMMMMMM..... All day my eyes have been closed.

Going to Walmart today. I *need* a Polaroid I-CAM. I didn't say want.

So, today, I told this guy to leave me alone. Because of primary socialization, of course I felt bad and guilty. Yet, ultimately, I felt really uncomfortable around him and had to do it for Me.
Little Ladies, you shouldn't worry about hurting other people's feelings if what you're doing is best for you. No one should make you feel *weird*, if you feel that way, there's pobably something wrong and you should get out of that situation.

For me, bells first went off when I TOLD him before we met that I only wanted to be friends. Then ten minutes into lunch, he said,
"You know, I've analyzed you and I think you're really just subconsciously looking for an external relationship."
First off- I have a b/f I love, and am not looking for another relationship
Second- Who the hell does he think he is to insinuate that I don't know what I want?
I KNOW what I want and I made it clear from the start. Just because I'm a girl I need some boy to tell me what I want? I don't think so

July 26, 2000
Sexy hair, or funnie hair...I can't decide. I could let my hair grow long and put highlights in it and it'd be totally sexy, or I could cut it really short and make it spiky. I don't know what I'm in the mood for.

Since my b-day is coming up I'm going to do something with my hair. I get a new license and I HAVE to have a better pic than i did last time. Even when I took the pic I knew it looked NOTHING like me. I had cut bangs that day cause my dad said I had a big forehead (stupid, mean dad). And the ink did something weird so I looked like a had a unibrow, which I don't!!

I know I'll be using my license alot (sadly, not to purchase alcohol, but to get into R rated movies) and I want to be able to flash a good pic.

What I want for my b-day

Gold necklace with my name on it (like pimps have)
unusual shotglass
leather pants
fried okra and grits (yum!)
501 Spanish Verbs (book)
New Spanish Dictionary
my own domain....
free tuition!

July 20, 2000
Went through and I think I've caught all broken links and stuff. Oh crap. Now I remember what I was going to do today. I have a paper due tomorrow on Dia de los Muertos. I picked the easiest theme possible. We've been studying it since freshman year of high school. And since I've done so much in every other area of my page, I don't feel at all bad about putting in a crappy entry.

In time, I'm going to create a page for the Iron Fist of Web Protection. As far as I can tell, it'll bascially be a site where Web Mistresses unite to harass people copying our sites. Not too be mean, but we really do work really hard on creating our images and HTML.

July 19, 2000
The only thing I really need to do now is get all my old journal entries in nice form. Today's entry is going to be short (aren't they all?) because I've wasted far too much time today playing on the comp. It so happens that I have two very important quizzes tomorrow that I simply cannot fail. Last Friday I failed a Human Phys test because I was working on my page too much.

I had a weird dream a couple of days ago about one of my bosses from one of my jobs. I dreamt he was telling me that he wanted me to teach his grandchildren in 2,000 years and I was like,
"I dohn't think I'll be around by then," but he assured me we'd both be around, although we'd be nothing but floating heads. Hmm.

Chris is wonderful as always. WE saw Scary Movie on Monday and went out to Waffle House .

Chris brought me back a shotglass from Ocean City. It has three aliens on it. Here is a revised Colllection List (since I know you all really care):
1. School Shotglass (me)
2. Black AMA Shotglass (me)
3. Chicago Shotglass with candle inside (Dave)
4. Northwestern Shotglass (Dave)
5. Alien Shotglass (Chris)

I'll have to remember to tell everyone why I'm so afraid of fire, sometime.

July 13, 2000
Happy Anniversary! And, of course, there's no one around to hear me. Today is Chris' and mine's 11 month anniv., but he's in Maryland. Sad....But, in a month, he'd better be here. He said he wouldn't miss the one year.

BY THE WAY, you're making me sick. Physically ill. Even now as I stare at the monitor, my eyes and head are feeling the strain and I'm getting very nauseous. And Dizzy. Computers do that to me. Yet, I suffer the slings and arrows of this life to put this page up with regular updates.

Today, (or is it tomorrow...) my sister graduates! Whoo-hoo!! Hey! I haven't done the infamous butt dance since her b-day...

Music Please....*Shake yo' Booty* (commences playing)

And that is all the shakin' my booty can handle for tonight, folks.

July 12, 2000
Here's a freaky dream! Yesterday, while sleeping before class, I dreamt I was driving down the road and there was this girl with a baby in the road. I told the driver to just run her over, cause I think I knew her, but then her mom went through our car and was gonna touch my stomach to make me pregnant, but I said, "No!"

Then she lifted my shirt and saw my belly button ring; she was gonna rip it out and as she leaned over I could see that she had this ENORMOUS circular barbell in her left breast. Not like the usual nipple ring, but going through her actual boobie. It was a pretty graphic dream.

I also lost a tooth and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were there.

July 11, 2000
This dum-dum page looks weird in IE on macs. Argh.

Anyway, I had the stragest dream. But I should probably be studying right now.

July 7, 2000
After this guy came in to work yesterday two hours late (telling me he would only be 15 min late), tensions were high. After DOING MY JOB and submitting a report on him, things went badly. Here, is my letter to my manager following the fight:

Just as I sent in the problem report, ****** walked in. As I entered pop counts and continued doing homework, he read the report histories.

He looked over toward me and asked what was up with that. I told him it was my job. I continued to do my work as he repeatedly sighed and leaned over making me feel bad for sending in the report. He did this so often, that it began to really bother me. He then said I should have told him. I said I did not have to and we argued over this until I called ****** after he threatened to call him. I handed the phone to ****** so ****** could tell him I was not required to, but ****** refused to take the phone.

I continued working. He then looked over at me and said, "C'mon ****** , like you were that busy anyway." So I told him that at one point I was helping three people at once and had the phone ringing (a call for him). He then laughed and said, "Oh! I bet that was so hard." I did not appreciate the sarcasm coming from someone who worked 5 minutes of the past two hours of his shift.

He CONTINUED harassing me, saying things like, So, you were just gonna work the rest of the shift like you didn't submit that report and talk to me like we were cool? that's cold
and I told him I WAS NOT going to speak to him and I DID NOT have to tell him I submitted that report.

He did this so often that I told him to stop it, several times. He did not listen, so I raised my voice. He did not listen, so I screamed at him to stop it. He told me to be quiet, I said not to tell me to be quiet. He said there were other people in the lab and I told him I didn't care. I will not be silenced with the threat of being embarassed. He continued until the point that I called ****, I told him I WOULD NOT put up with it and would not work there any longer. ****** was mad so I screamed at him to "shut the f*** up."

He still would not, but I was already packing my things and shutting the computer off. So I walked out, and he was still calling after me, so I said, "F*** Off." I then ran to the office, got a key, then went to the Union 1/2 hr early for my next shift.

****** did not tell me where he was going after his snack break. His (first) snack break took 20 min. He later said, he was getting his food during this time, and the second time he left was to go eat it. My breaks, including eating and bathroom in one, are not longer than 15. I do not leave the Library, and the assistant is always informed of where I will be and how long I will be there. And, I ask before I leave.

During my two years here, I had to leave a shift early once. It was when ****** was here and ****** replaced me. I left because I was physically very ill. Once, I lost a key, but I found it this week and will be returning it. There have been no serious problems with my employment that I can think of. I will not tolerate working alongside such a moron such as ****** . I can not stand being harassed for doing my job- Especially after the person missed the first two hours of his shift. I will not tolerate harassment, period.

I agree, I should not have yelled, especially using such language. But, as a female, all my life I have been told to not speak up and to keep quiet. And I'm tired of it. ****** was trying to control me using his words. He was attempting to instill guilt in me and later shut me up for expressing my wish for him to "stop". Are we to tell girls not to say "No"? Verbal abuse or Rape, I have the right to say "Stop" and to be taken seriously.

He is wasting ***'s time and money.

If he is not fired, I will quit. If you do not want to make this decision, I won't make you, I'll just quit.

Well, let's see what happens today.

*initial report*

he came in 15 min early (3:45pm) to say he'd be 15 min late (4:15)cause he had to go home and change. i had no prob with that. then he called around 4:30 to say he'd be later, probably be in around 4:45pm. he came in around 5:20 said he was getting a snack and left. came in at 5:40 or so sat down and left within 2 minutes. he hasn't gotten back yet. 5:50pm.

July 6, 2000
Tomorrow is the last day I can see Chris for a whole week while he goes to wrestling camp =(. I'm gonna get lots of sleep while he's gone, since the reason I'm always so tired during the day is because I spend EVERY WAKING MOMENT with him. But they will be nights full of tears and longing.

This morning, after dreaming about Nicole Kidman and (an obese)Tom Cruise being vampires, I dreamt I was IN a blood vessel! Actually, there was this guy who got a cut, then I 'm in this weird tunnel with pink walls and big white things with people heads floating around. There's a big part of one wall missing and many of these people are being sucked out into this dark void. This vacuum was aparently where the man had been cut and the people being sucked out represented the bleeding any normal human being endures.

Then this news team came dangesouly near the site where these blood cells were being taken to their deaths. The team (camera man and reporter with microphone) was reporting this so that the body would be aware of the situation and begin restoration of the vessel wall.

And, back to the other part) when Vampire Nicole and Tom saw this guy from Quantum Leap, it was like a therapy session and a basket of my laundry was there. There were supposed to make a representation of the other out of the clothes. Tom makes Nicole by removing most of the clothes then using some purple Hanes Her Way bikini cut panties to make a smily face on the pile left behind. Nicole makes Tom by puttin all of the clothes back in one big lump, because at this point he is not wearing a shirt and he's really big and doesn't even have a chin, his face just drops a flap to the neck.

And last night I dreamt I was a boy cout. I was going to a meeting and it was snowing but i was sad. Then I was at this little boy's house and all these teenagers were there and I made it clear to the mom that they did NOT come in with ME.

I also had this weird dream about my Spanish teacher from last quarter teaching this quarter's class. That one was too weird for you to know, though.

July 5, 2000
Two more weeks of classes then I'll only have physiology 312. One class- yeah, I can handle that. My nails are actually growing, which is cool. I painted them with Barely There Pink and now they look like the fake nails you can get from a salon.

Fourth of July I went into a nieghboring town with Chris' family. They lasted 45 minutes because between each one, there was a 5 second delay. This may have been to prolongue the show to make it seem better or to make their finale better. It made my butt hurt to sit there that long.

One month anf three days until my birthday, and even though it's my 21st, there's a 98% chance it'll be alcohol-free. Mainly due to the fact that I live with my parents and 17 year old sister and that Chris is 17 and wouldn't speak to me ever again if I did drink. But I think your 21st should be an exception. So much for what I think.