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June 29, 2000
One month and 9 days until my birthday

My mom already gave me my presents, so I probably won't get anything =(

First test in Human Phys tomorrow. Studied up to chapter 6 do far. Now I'm just procrastinating the big stuff. Chris might not get to go to wrestling camp (yeah!) because he's broke (boo!).
Hmmm....a week without him or no b-day gift. tough.

June 28, 2000
Classes are so insane!! The only way I can keep up, it seems, is by working 24/7 just on studying. I've gotten another shotglass for my collection, it's black. And it as the gold AMA logo.

I haven't even been able to quilt. ANd my room is really suffering from never being at home. Until yesterday, you literally could not put one foot out and be able to touch carpet. Clothes, papers, and material mostly. And dishes on my dresser. I have too much furniture. That contributes to most of the clutter. I had to move a futon and a desk and shelf to the basement. The furniture I have left is:

a twin bed
a big desk
two waist high shelves that used to be a tall armoir thing, but it was cheap so I broke it in half (shhhh...don't tell my mom. she doesn't know yet)
this tall dresser like thing.

The KKK was in my dream last night, which was weird. My neighbors had all these little kids in their yard and they were all dressed in sheets. Like a boy scout meeting or something. Then I ducked and went back to my house, since I'm really not the Aryan poster-girl. And my dog could fly and my brother was a rabid zombie (in real life he's away in the Navy). Chris was in my dream too (who happens to be white, blonde, and blue-eyed) but I don't remember that part. I did earlier today, before I had to learn so much stuff in classes, but now it's been pushed out.

By the way, Go Here

June 21, 2000
Been working on homework for 3 or 4 hours straight, and I'm almost done. So far, I've kept up with the insane work load.

Dave gave me two presents today!! Both were from his two trips to Chicago. Now, I officialy have a shot glass collecion because you need three of anything to have a collection.

1. My own school's shot glass bought here in a gift shop
2. A shot glass from North Western
3. Chicago shotglass cleverly disguised with a candle inside it. smells good.

Been eating a lot of PB&J sandwiches lately which reminds me of elementary school. The jelley bread ALWAYS goes on top so that the weight of the PB bread won't wiegh it down and make it soggy. Another common problem which commonly affects my lunches, is the sandwich teetering on top of the books in my bookbag and occasionally falling into them and being crushed. Which I hate. Oh, and when the gobs of jelley (who takes time to flatten and evenly distribute jelley chunks) slip out and make the Ziplock sticky.

SO whoever wants to contribute to my shotglass collection is welcome to.
Esta semana, tengo mucha tarea. En mi clase de espanol hay tres latinas y un latino. Hay once personas en la clase. Cada dia, cuando tenemos algo para hacer, siempre soy la primera a cabar. (whoa, don't think that one's even a word) Las bebidas estan en la mesa. El pollo con uvas es un plato my delicioso en el mundo latino. De veras?

Sprechen sie Deutche? Nein, Ich can nicht. Alber fur sieben Tagen, Ich war en Deutchland und ein Maedchen . ok, i don't rememver enough of that
I should probably study. Or fix my page so it doesn't run out of the tables when it's viewed on Macs.

June 20, 2000
Been taking accelerated classes and they move twice as fast as normal quarter classes. Only second day, and I'm already up to chapter 6 in Human Phys. But, four more weeks, and it'll be done!!

On, a sadder note, Chris' mom probably doesn't like me anymore because last night as he was leaving my house after watching tv, i thought it'd be funnie to bite his neck, ha-ha, right?
His mom got mad at him cause she thought it was a hickey. I swear, it was just a little bitty mark that shoud've gone away in 20 min.

June 16, 2000
Spent lots of time working on a new page. Bought a book for classes which start next week and it was $102.00, with the study guide. Yuck.

About an hour away from finishing Chris' quilt. That's about it, not too much going on.

June 13, 2000
10 month anniversary for Chris and I. I made him a quilt, but decided to do hand quilting instead of tying, so it won't be ready for another few days.

Working 56 hours this week, next week only 36 hours and 15 of classes.

June 9, 2000
Two months minus one day til my b-day. Whoo-hoo!

Exams are finally over and now I miss classes. I'm so bored. I got to see Road Trip last night, but I walked in 30 minutes early and so I saw the entire end of the previous showing. Took me a while to realize it wasn't one of those weird movies where you see the end first.

Today, all the lucky people are graduating. I'm only a junior, so I hate them all. I step on their black gowns as they walk by and throw bagel crumbs in their hair.

June 6, 2000
It's 4:41am. I've been awake since 5:30am yesterday. No entry. Must stay awake....

June 5, 2000
Not to be vain, but for being a 20 yr old, my quilts are not bad! Since I'm just starting and all, they're actually pretty decent, so check them out! I only have two more exams left, so I can spend a lot more time looking at patterns and material. I'm almost done with one for Chris. Just need the last touches. He's so cute.

June 3, 2000
Four finals this week and then a week of break. I'm taking 3 classes this summer, but I'm really excited about two of them. They're both Physiology classes at the 300 level. I think I'll do really well in them. Chris and I had a fight last night, so I went into the city and hung out with some friends. We saw American Beauty which was alright. I guess, the more I think about it, the more I liked it.

Anyway, I've thought a lot about it and have made up my mind that when I get married, I'm not changing my last name. I've worked so hard to establish myself up to this point, and all that is not going to be given to a name that did not earn it. For instance, it was my parents who helped me get through college by letting their almost 21 yr old daughter live with them, so when I become a doctor, I will keep their last name. It's my name too. My class ring has the National Honor Society emblem on it and my last name because I earned it. I shouldn't have to, and refuse to, give up my life up to the point of marriage and give all my successes and honors to a family that did not earn them and that I didn't even know until after a couple of decades. And if my in-laws have a problem with it, well, it's not them I'm marrying.

June 1, 2000
The past three weeks have been so wonderful. Such nice, warm weather, and Chris has been the best boyfriend ever. But, then, I lose my day planner!! Noooooo! In short, I've lost my life. For a few days I wandered mindlessly around campus. Not sure of where I'm going, or where I've been. My little notetaker gone, it was only hours before chaos set in. Eventually I found a replacement, but it will never live up to that free planner my dad got at a conference at some hotel that he didn't want cause it was kinda cheap, but hey it was free.
Anyways, I've been booklet-free for about 3 weeks now. I've recovered most of the lost dates, but I forgot about the most menacing of all.....For two days I've been staring at a calander trying to remember where the heck I am cycle-wise. Yes, I know all you guys totally care