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May 31, 2000
Hmmm, why has it taken forever to add an entry........Oh, yeah, I've been working on other parts of my site. Not like anyone regularly checks in on me via my webpage except for me.

Exams are coming up, and I'll probably do really well on all of them. I am, after all, taking really easy classes this quarter. Next Quarter too. Only worried about fall. That's when I have Organic Chem and Microbiology.

May 22, 2000
This morning, I dreamt Chris and I were on COTA and the bus driver was going crazy and had a gun. She dropped us off at the Convention Center and I called COTA on the phone to complain about the 777249 driver of COTA #2. I remembered the number of COTA even in my dream. We ended up in this big building. And as I was laying in bed, a 7 foot man had hands that were like a cross between pinchers and siccors. I was bleeding all over and he was trying to help me but every time he grabbed my legs, I bled more. I tried flying away but he kept cutting my legs and holding me back. Then I remembered the bathroom with the whirlpool that I always forget about on the third floor.

Eventually my dreamself made it back to the place where I was sleeping in reality. There, Courtney Cox leaned over to me sleeping and picked up a baby doll. Then she looked suprised and happy cause she knew it was a baby sign. Then I jumped up and said, "Nooo!!! I'm not!". She was my sister in the dream and then she put the doll down.

Then I woke up cause I heard some ladies walking by talking about me being asleep there. I left cause I thought I'd been there forever. I still had at least an hour before class so I ate Funnyions for the first time and came to a computer lab.

Prom was really fun. Would have sat at a table all night had I not made Chris get his big butt up. People looked at me funney when I danced to the YMCA, but back in my day, I would've been cool for it. It's just cause they're all image-concious high schoolers, and thank God, I'm a cool college chic about to graduate.

May 19, 2000
Had three essays and a composition due this week. Two due Wednesday and two due today. I'm so good at writing papers. My compostition, which I began two hours before it was due, has already been graded, I got a 100.

Today is my sister's birthday, and even though she may not be reading from her base in AZ, I'm gonna due the butt dance for her.


Shake yo' Booty!!

hee-hee. that was my bum!!
Happy Birthday!!

What did I get you? Why, I danced for you!!

~ Celebrity updates, every hour, on the hour~
In other news, officials today have confirmed the game plan for summer and autumn enrollment as our Web Mistress registers for Organic Chemistry and Physiology.
Now, we've seen this once before, Chuck. She enrolled in Or. Chem, but missed the first week of classes. In the end, she had no choice but to withdraw. Now, if we see a repeat performance of this, I'm afraid Med School is really going to punish her for it.

tomorrow is the prom. whoopty-doo!
In my dream last night, Chris was flying this weird looking airplane that belonged to the queen and was painted like the british flag. It was flying really eradically and was like being on a rollarcoaster. I was also singing (very well) "Alleluia." Then I got out of bed because it was 2am and I REALLY had to pee. The last time I got up in the middle of the night to pee, it was 7 months ago. But I had caffine yesterday, and that makes me pee like the dickens.

May 15, 2000 So hungry....Had chocolate ice cream for breakfast. Can't eat now, though. If I pull out a pop tart the Lab Ass. will confiscate my food.

I just remembered I forgot Chris' and mine's 9 mo. anniversary! Yikes!!

Here's an insight to the madness here on campus:
The CWA workers here are lazy. Some of them have only worked here a few weeks and are already striking for a $2.50/hr raise. $8 to pick up trash is decent for those people. If I ran things, I'd fire them all. They don't deserve $10.50/hr for what they do. I am more educated than the vast majority of them and none of my jobs pay more then $8/hr. My jobs require more BRAINS than theirs and I have worked hard to get where I am. They can enroll here and go to school free. If they really wanted to, they'd do that. They can't just sit around campus, harassing students, clogging up toilets, and blocking ambulances at the hospital and expect to get paid more. If they want a higher paying job, they can go into construction or go to a fast food restaraunt. Or, they can do what they should have done in the first place, and get an education.
They are interupting my educational experiance by denying me services my tution paid for. Half the bathrooms on campus are out of order, they cancel classes, stand in front of our busses, throw eggs at us, yell obscenities, and then expect our support.

Having the majority of the Union black, does not make it a racial issue. I'm a minority also, and I still think they're Morons, Lazy, and Stupid, and I don't care what color you are. Last I saw, there were white people striking too.

Oh, poor babies!! Look at you! Too lazy to work a real job for more money!

They have honest jobs. I totally support janitors around the globe. But these people are disrespectful and causing harm to the very people they want pitying them. And for that, I couldn't care less for the CWA workers on this campus.
You guys are losing your supporters by your own actions.
Into the third week of striking, don't be suprised if we start throwing things back at you. And stop clogging our bathrooms on purpose.

May 11, 2000

Going Crazy!!

 This new site has taken all morning to create, and just when I near the finish line...IT DOESN'T EVEN SHOW UP IN NETSCAPE!!
I am so stressing out! I'm even missing classes to work on this (I know, I'm a nerd!) Prom is in a week. Haven't decided between two dresses yet. 
*sarcasm* I am SO looking foward to hanging out with all these highschoolers */sarcasm* Actually, I'm really nervous. 

May 5, 2000

Today I had an exam, a paper due, and a test. None of which I prepared for. So I got to let Chris hear what a breakdown sounds like on the phone last night. I was so mad at my homework, I went straight to bed and said "Srew It," classes aren't worth it. Luckily, I came to my senses this morning and at least passed everything by studying like mad right before each one. 
May 1, 2000

Had to walk to every class today because the University's workers are striking. Classes were taught outside in the oval because teachers didn't want to break the pickett lines. Campus is wondering, Do You agree with Jared? People are walking around with bright yellow t-shirts if they do. For a week, everyone has been wondering if they agree or not. And today I found out I do. I think.

 Working on a new layout. Taking up a lot of my time. Quit one of my jobs. I now work for the University and the AMA museum.