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April 26, 2000

Missed half of my classes today because my nap wouldn't end. Now there's a big impression on my face that looks like a scar.
In my dream, there was a drive-in movie theater and all the cars were empty, but the concession stand had a lot of people in it and there was lots of food being prepared. Then I was at my grandmother's house and was going to call Chris with one of my free Target 10 min phone cards to let him know where I was. Eventually, I ended up at this skate park that was supposed to be opening the next day, and because I had the keys B. and I snuck in. We were on the billboard where already people had written their names and heights of jumps in markers. The billboard had a large blue moving component that is kind of like the race tracks for Hot Wheels. We were going to skate the billboard. Then B. eventually turned into the Dixie Chics and we sat up there and talked forever looking at a new magazine which wasn't supposed to be out to the public yet. Then their manager came and yelled at them to go becaues they had to start their tour.

House on Haunted Hill was a very scary movie. It totally freaked me out and J. had nightmares that night. He's such a wienie!!

April 24, 2000

Weird dream. was sleeping in a building on campus cause i decided sleep would help me do well in my textile exam, rather than attending my religion lecture.

i was working at K. when this group of guys walks buy and A. is with them. He is wearing a blue dress shirt and looks at me, then Chris who is also working. He gives a weird look then walks out with the others. Then, I am in the corner by a register sitting on the floor with my knees drawn up to my chin. I am looking at my legs; my eyes aren't all the way open and everything is blurry. I wasn't wearing my uniform, but what i wore to school today. In the background I could hear people calling my name but I couldn't respond or look up at them. I had passed out.

That's all. cause then i woke up and i had slept through religion and it was time for my exam.
i think i have to change my major again, but before rushing into it, im gonna take time to analyze stuff and whatever.

April 22, 2000

Eye see you.

April 21, 2000

Sad Dream.
I was sitting on the floor of Chris' living room and were looking through some small packages. His mom was on the couch behind us and stood up. It was kind of dim in the room. She walked up to me and was really mad. Her face was srunched up really mean and she began yelling at me. She made me cry and I ran home
Later that night, Chris came to the back door of the house I lived in- an old country farm house painted white. Walking through the screen door, I noticed that his hair was shorter and kind of wet. He was wearing a red t-shirt. In his hand was a piece of paper, maybe a ticket, that said Hawaii.
He told me he and his parents had a big talk/fight and he was dropping out of school. And we were getting married and going to Hawaii.
Later that night, an ex came over to my house. He had a clear, glass bottle which had the words Hawaiian Tropic inscribed. There was water inside. He wanted to get maried and live in the house and his mom was talking to me.
Later, this girl and I decide to take shots of tequila, but the tequila tastes like light tea.

I only got a B on the paper I wrote last friday =(
Now I'm even more motvated to work hard on the paper I started yesteraday. I may have a month to do it, but I'm gonna work every single one of those days!!

April 20, 2000

Yesterday, I got the essay topic for my class....and I've already got an outline!! Whoo -Hoo!! This may be the first time in my college career that I have started an essay on a day OTHER than the day it is due.
I added a piece to the art section today. Wait a sec, I've got to Pee....

*Opportune time to get yourself a snack, or sign my guestbook*

Done. Hmm. I'd better do some real work now. I'll probably just end up working on my page some more or making another banner. Cheerio!

Stillness sleeps tucked away in her
Like a peaceful death
In wakeness, no moment without motion
And now, a paralyzation

April 18, 2000

Added links, some funnies, and info to my about me page today. Got my taxes done last night and handed them to a man dressed up as Uncle Sam. Over 80% of the money I made last year went to tuition. And some went to my books. I ended up oweing $28 and getting back $11 from one. Taxes suck. Students should be exempt. You people should sign my guestbook now.

Anyone who wants to link to me can do so by using one of my new banners.

April 17, 2000

Whoo-hoo! tax deadline extended until today. got a copy of the W-2 someone lost.
I'm so freaking hungry!! But not hungry enough to let you miss out on a Dream Entry. Embark into my inner dreamworld.....

A band called It Was Nothing was going to be playing at the Newport. There wasn't much light outside, but the city was still illuminated by the city lights and there were many people on High clubbing and stuff.
I was laying down on a bench in front of a gas station on High when an old man on a bike rode up to me and said something. I replied that he had better watch himself, or "Watch out for the accident." He then rode off and a guy about my age comes from the dirrection the old man left.
He's got short dark hair, and is wearing a white t-shirt with long grey shorts to his knees (long to a gil, normal to a guy, I guess.) I try not to hear the sirens of the many ambulances, police, and a firetruck that are coming down the street as he lays with me on the bench.
He's really cute.
From an arial view I see that the old man has been in an accident and is laying still in the middle of the street on his bike.

In the Union, Ashby was on the couch across from the one I was sleeping on. She was talking about Longwood and how the feel of academics was all over the campus. We then began talking about Ingrid, the 5'8" Dutch.

That was my Morning Dream. My Night Dream involved a lot of people I know, so I'm not putting that one up.

April 15, 2000

Uh-oh, I can't find my other W-2 form... Well, at least I have til midnight, I think. What a way to spend my Saturday night!!

The last four movies (videos) I've seen, starting with the most recent:
Stir of Echoes-last night
Leprechaun in the hood
Sixth Sense

And the only one I actually got to help pick out was Sixth Sense. And then it was only because I had a free coupon from Blockbuster.
One movie I actually want to see is The Virgin Suicides, starring a luscious Josh Hartnett.

April 14, 2000

I've gotta do my taxes tommorrow. Poop. Today is a sad day, mostly because I have the meanest mom in the world.
< begin venting >
I stayed up until 4:30am cleaning the bathroom. Scrubbing the wall and floors, cleaning the toilet and washing the litter box. First thing she does this morning (after oversleeping) is come into my room and start yelling at me because I didn't take the trash out. Um, ok, sure, you're very welcome, Mom. I mean, I only did you a big favor by cleaning the bathroom since I'm your only kid that actually knows how to clean. So Excuse me for being to tired too take the trash downstairs. Small price to pay for a clean bathroom.
And I did that after working til 10pm, picking up my sister so my mom didn't have to, and getting home at 10:40pm. And, you know, I have homework too, Woman. So don't even thank me for working two part-time jobs to pay for most of my school, doing well in school, picking up my sister, and cleaning the bathroom. I guess I don't deserve thanks since I freakin forgot to take the trash (which i already bagged) downstairs.
< /venting >

and she made me cry all the way to school =(

April 13, 2000

8 month anniversary, whoo-hoo! I don't even think I have time to see Chris today because I work so much. Plus, I have an essay due tommorrow that I haven't even picked a topic out for.
made $11 last night selling a purse and some jewelry I made, Whoo-hoo!

Here's my least favorite site on the web for misquoting the Bible and for twisting its words around for their own purpose. Even the devil can quote the Bible to his own advantage. So go harass this site, my minions!! Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

April 10, 2000

Bored with Textiles and Design; I think I'm better than that class and it's just wasting my time. I already know the color wheel! Blah, blah, blah...
I get to see Chris today cause he's gonna pick me up. I need to work on my picture page because half of them have been moved and none of them work. Not that I should be putting my pics up though, since 87% of the people in Internet Land are whacked. I think that's the right word. I'm starting to think it may have a different conotation.

The scam of saving the rainforests

Ladies and gentlemen of the world, stop "saving" the rainforests.
The truth is, that we don't really need them. We need to concentrate on the Earth's oceans. Over 90% of our oxygen is produced by the plant life in the oceans. What do we need more, trees or water? Water. We must focus all of our energies into the preservation of our oceans. You may ask, what about the rare plant and animal life in the rainforests that could be a cure for cancer? Well, now honestly, how many of our scientists want to venture into the wild unknown where there lurks poisons and carnivorous animals unknown to mankind. Instead, I propose that we build biodomes, controlled environments which simulate the wild forests. This way, we may still benefit from the plant life and the animals found only in the rainforests will not become extinct. The land which has been deemed "worthless" because of deforesetation and cattle grazing can be planted with soybeans and in no time, the land will once again be fertile. Here, we can build a colony that be reserved for the job-less women of third-world countries. They can be free from the tyranny of their male-supressers and they will have the opportunity to pursue careers in De-salination. They can raise their childern here and grow crops. Do you see how important our oceans are? The world would be a hundred times better without our rainforests.

April 8, 2000

Been working since 8am and I still haven't done any studying. I've been goofing off on the net mostly. I made this and talked to the guy I work with but that's about it.
I think I'm gonna change my major again, even though all 3 years here I've never officially changed it from bio/pre-med.
Today, I also set out to embarrass my poor little friend to no end with a lovely picture taken almost a year ago. She'll die when she finds out it's on the web, and everyone who knows her, will know who the girl in the picture is. >=)

April 7, 2000

I'm supposed to be studying for my quiz right now, but I thought I'd write. I just found out yesterday that my page looks really stupid in Internet Explorer and is better in Netscape. So I'll have to change that. I only have a year until I graduate and I still don't have a major!! Whoo-hoo!!
this may be some kind of record.

I don't even have all the books for my classes and midterms are in a week or two. OH well.

April 6, 2000

18 hours of classes and 30-40 hours of two part-time jobs is making me tired. And sleepy, very sleepy. May 20 I get to go to a high school prom, whoo-hoo!! Actually it should be fun, maybe, I guess. I get to go with Chris. and since Chris is the most wonderful person in the world, it'll be lots of fun.

I'm mourning the loss of my MXPX cd, Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo. I miss it. Mostly because I own 1/20 of the cd's most people have. Here's my pathetic list of cd's:

cd's I actually own
Enema of the State- Blink 182
Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo- MXPX
Jars of Clay- Jars of Clay
If I left the Zoo- Jars of Clay
40 Acres- Caedmon's Call
Fly- Dixie Chics

I can't remember the other 6 or so...