like *supperware, but better!

Let's put friends, shopping, the convenience of home, and a large variety assembled just for you all together. Welcome to the House Party.

With 1-2 weeks notice I can create an array of items suited to your tastes to present for you and your friends. My line comes straight to you with pricing sheets and even a gift for parties of 4+ persons. Whether shopping for yourself, a gift, or a special event I come prepared for your needs with various samples which you have the option to buy. A House Party is perfect for your friends or even your daughter and her friends. I can customize jewelry for all ages and beforehand will take information such as a favorite color or style.

In addition to a gift just for hosting a party of 4, you can earn points toward jewelry with each sale from your party or a booking from a guest. A House Party is the perfect way to avoid the hassle and stress of malls as I come to you already prepared and with your own style represented.

I also offer jewelery construction classes for birthday parties, after school programs, church gatherings, and activity groups for senior homes. There are many projects to choose from including earrings, bracelets, and anklets with many beginner classes available. For more information, contact me at

*- yes, supperware. im not about to be sued.