She's sick.

When I worked at Kroger there was this really cute guy I would flirt with. I'd be working Chicken and all the cute guys always came to see me on their lunch breaks. I'd talk to them while I plucked tail feathers with a knife and twisted their legs into thigh slits (for rotissere chicken). Anyway, he was really cute and didn't have a wedding band or anything and my b/f at the time was a total creep. Everyone said we would have made an awesome couple. Then he became a manager so it was out of the question but he still came by to see me, even when I worked Video.

Around Christmas time my mom decided to go out shopping one day. Because I had two jobs and school, I wanted a break and asked if she could call me off work. She said sure.

When she called, there was a girl that answered and my mom told her I wouldn't be coming in cause I wasn't feeling well. She put the manager on the phone and my mom said,
"Melida won't be able to make it today. She has diarrhea pretty bad."

I was so mad at her and I didn't even know it was the cuite manager. I found out when I was at work that night (no way I wasn't coming in after that) and he came up to me and whispered,
"thanks for being such a trooper and coming in despite your, uh, not feeling well."

Of course I tried to tell everyone my mom was lying and no one believed me.