who dares wake me?!

surveytest resultsmusicmeli

age: 24 (b-day aug 8)

AIM: justifide31

occupation: custom jewelry& clothing designer

relationship status: as always, with boyfriend

religion: religion is of man; i dont like it. i believe in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Bible. i believe in faith.

studying: nothing. graduated already.

majoring: degree in spanish already.

from: my mommy's UTERUS.

favorite Quote: Ooooh, Oooooh!! I've got to pee! ~Miss Piggy (Muppets from Space)

spiritual gifts: compassion and miracles

piercings: 9 as follows: there are three in my right lobe, two in my left lobe, one horizontal piercing in each nipple (ring w/ captive bead), one navel (jewelry varies), one horizontal hood (large gauge circular barbell with a captive bead), one 12g tongue, one left rook (14g circular barbell w/captice bead), stud in left nostril

tattoos: two, flame/dove on back of neck, God coming to earth as Holy Spirit, cross on left arm