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Thursday, December 29, 2005
just got in from NC a couple days ago but i caught the flu as i was leaving. im actually not too bummed that the antibiotics will make it an alcohol free New Years. Im sorta looking foward to cleaning and rearranging. living by yourself is boring but lately a lot less stressful.

i had nothing better to do @7:31 PM

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

i am going to get shot one day.

i once read this book about the 7 types of anger and one of mine was a justice anger. i overstep my own universe to try and fight every thing that is wrong with situations in no way involving me. i once walked up to some big bald dudes in a walmart to scornfully declare that smoking is not permitted indoors no matter now close to the door you are. right as they pushed themselves off of the wall where they were chillin my boyfriend at the time came over and grabbed me away but not without me looking over my shoulder and giving them a disapproving glare.

today i was standing in an insane line at the grocery store and watched the woman ahead of me change her mind about some cheese and lay it in front of her on a newspaper rack; which warranted a look and an unmistakenly reprimandatory (is this a word? if not, dibs!) huff. a few seconds later she begins pulling grapes out of the bag and setting them next to the cheese. she stops. then thinks twice and reaches into the bag to pull more out setting them on the fruit on the newspaper stand. so i begin to make remarks about how much i hate ignorant people who change their minds and leave gallons of milk in aisles that are not refrigerated. i huffed and i puffed a little more. and with no reaction i walk up, grab the cheese and hand it to an employee declaring that a woman had just left it by the magazines and that it would go bad, feeling quite proud- or maybe the word is smug- about it. no reaction. ah well.

oh, and i found out today that i am miss september 2006 and also that my thesaurus is older than me.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

i weigh more right now than i have ever in my life. im unmotivated lately to do anything. in the last few months ive gone to sleeping all day and gaining 20 lbs. i eat and eat and eat until my belly cant hold anymore and it comes back up. i dont throw up but i eat until im literally on the verge. how disgusting is that? theres so much work to be done, too. ive decided that my baggy pants digging into my waist is enough. ive been meaning to start excercising again for a few weeks but hopefully i start again tomorrow. i wanted energy pills to see if that would make a difference and finally get me going and as i was reading boxes a lady recommended one to me that not only gives you energy but is supposed to relieve stress and inhance your mood. so we'll see.

i had nothing better to do @11:52 PM

i decided to take Kellog's 2-week FIBER challenge, which requires you to eat two bowls of frosted mini-wheats a day for 2 weeks and notice a difference. after just one night i notcied a difference. i sped the process up by accompanying 3/4 of the box of mini wheats with all the broccoli in my beef and broccoli chinese dinner. the difference is- gas. there. i've saved many of you from going through the trouble and hassle.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

my creative work today, i turned this: "Work like you don't need the money, Love like you've never been hurt, and Dance like you do when nobody's watching! into this: "Work like you do when nobody's watching! Love like don't need the money, and Dance like you've never been hurt" heh heh it is snowing. "snowing balls" as they say here.

i had nothing better to do @2:56 PM