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Sunday, May 15, 2005
my flight was 20 min late at the first airport, then in philly we boarded an hour late and sat on the runway for an hour. once at my destination, my bag was lost. had none of that happened i would not have noticed an old woman running up the the carousel everytime the same bag, the only bag at this point, came by to check the tag. i figured i would inform her that quite a few passangers were filing complaints about the lost luggage but i quickly learned that: she did not speak english, she was in her 70's, her ride was not there, she had been there for a long time, and she was not even from this continent. it took quite a while because the counters had all closed up for the night and none of the numbers the woman had for her family worked. about an hour later i began going up to strangers around the airport and asking if they had lost an old lady- eventually finding her family who also did not speak english (which is why they didnt answer the page). it was awesome being able to help someone who felt so lost- it was not awesome that i went almost 24 hours without clean underwear because it took so freaking long to get my bag.

that was friday 13th, so what do you expect. on sat we woke up early and headed to a local church where there was a breifing for families of soldiers going overseas. we breaked for lunch and then there was a ceremony. it was so hard not to cry during the music, the speeches, and just seeing all these soldiers dressed in their uniforms and "knowing" what they were about to get into. im gonna miss my sister so much. it makes me hurt. i cant stand that it will be a long time before i see her again. i dont want her to witness the death over there. i would work to support both of us if she wanted to hide out with me. it's so horrible. i cant talk about it anymore. im already crying.

i hate that my life will be so much easier. i hate that i have no one to tell how i feel. i cant go to my parents, im sure they hurt worse. and i just dont have any friends anymore.

anyone who reads this can pray for her safety, peace of heart, peace of mind, and a safe return. and that i have a safe drive back in my new car and some lovely sex.

i had nothing better to do @11:14 PM

Sunday, May 01, 2005

the only thing my sister's parrot can do is immitate human laughter, showing just how much fun it is to be with my family and conversely how irresponsible she is that her parrot is well beyond the age of speaking and cannot utter a single word.

ive been watching tons of cable since ive been here and in one day saw every episode of Meet the Barkers. im fascinated by travis; he reminds me so much of randall or at least of what he was like. then he called me a day later. i wish i was over him.

i had nothing better to do @11:53 AM