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Wednesday, January 05, 2005
oh, and i bought a pink, "realistic look" vibrator. my other one died a while back.

i had nothing better to do @5:27 PM

the weather is bad. i slid while in drive, backwards into something, because of my viewpoint and that i was tightly belted in i have no idea what i hit. nothing that bled and that was all i cared about as i drove off. i bought some red patent boots and a red skirt and top for work. i really want to make a wonderwoman outfit now that i have the red boots.

my two days back to work i've done well, so im catching up on the spending sprees i went on while visiting my family. i talked to randall, too. i hate that he lingers in my heart and i try to talk myself away from him. i miss him, but it has to be some trick my mind is playing; there has to be someone else. wanting what you cant have sucks.

i want to be happy. and these stupid things that seem to be in my way cant possibly be my actual obstacles towards it; it's me.

on new year's i worked. drank, got chinese to prepare for more drinking, went to a fetish fashion ball which was ok and then went to a local bar to finish the night off. im glad i made no resolutions, within the first three days of 2005, i have broken anything that i'd have made. this is a dark place. the whole city mourns a time much better than the poverty it now sees.

i had nothing better to do @5:14 PM